There are a wide variety of track and field coaching sessions for all age groups. For younger athletes, please see the young athletes coaching page for the full development pathway up to these groups.

Training groups

Competition groups

All of the following competition squads have a competition focus and are for mixed age groups. All groups include junior, senior and vet athletes training together.

Endurance - Bernard Wilkins

With Sarah Davey, Jon Bones, Gina Lodowski, Sarah Lackman and Liz Purbrick.

Tuesday and Thursday at Tilsley Park track at 6.45 – 8.00pm

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Sprints - Colin Mitchell 

With Charlotte Salt.

Tuesday and Thursday at Tilsley Park track at 6.30 – 8.00pm

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400/800m - Sarah Davey

Winter: Tuesday at Tilsley Park track at 6.30 - 8.00pm, Thursday with endurance/sprint group depending on event focus (talk to Sarah about Thursdays)

Summer: Tuesdays and Thursday at Tilsley Park track at 6.30 - 8.00pm


Hurdles sessions usually run on Fridays, with the rest of training being done with the sprints group on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


Jumps coaches: Nikki Gregory, Luke Chown (assisted by Marc Juffkins)

Most jumps athletes do their core training in the sprints group and jumps sessions are arranged on a regular basis from there. 

Throws coaches: Steve Pomeroy, Ron Jones (assisted by Marc Juffkins)

Throws training occurs regularly throughout the year but not in a regular pattern of days. 

Pole vault

There is a group that trains on an ad hoc basis, with regular sessions during the summer months. These are arranged via a closed Facebook group - if you would be interested in joining the group contact Pete Stepney.

Adult only track running group

As a different option to the mixed-age competition groups, Thornton and Andrew coach track sessions on a Thursday evening from 6.45pm at Tilsley Park.

These sessions are usually attended by adult club members and are great for those training for endurance, cross country or track events. See the adult track group page for full details.


All coaches are qualified England Athletics coaches and as part of this process, all coaches undergo DBS checks. Luke Chown, our coaching coordinator, is always happy to talk to anyone interested in helping out at the club, with maybe the intention of working towards a coaching qualification. 


There is a wide range of different competitions to take part in, from representing the club in track and field leagues, to open meetings where you enter individually to run against people of a similar ability, in addition to championships where medals are on offer. See the senior leagues / young athlete leagues page for more details about competitions.

Event-specific groups are competition level and there is an expectation that the athletes will take part in a minimum number of competitions each season (usually 4) to retain their place in the group. Coaches will help guide athletes about suitable competitions to take part in, especially helping those who are new and perhaps nervous about competing to start at the right level.


Please contact the relevant people using the details above, or use our website contact form. If you are a young athlete (U17 or below), the Young Athlete Membership Secretary will help you with any queries you have related to becoming a junior member.