Track and field

Coaching is available for all age groups, all abilities and all disciplines of track and field.

Note: for all sessions there is a charge for using the track. Visit the Tilsley Park website for details.


Young Athlete coaching

Please see the young athlete coaching page for full details of the development pathway and groups available for young athletes.

Track and field (including cross country) coaching

Our track and field groups are available for all ages and all include a mixture of junior, adult and veteran athletes, with a focus on improving performance for competition. Anyone of any ability or prior experience is welcome to join the groups - please see the track and field coaching page for full details of the all available groups and how to get involved.

Adult track group

As a different option to the mixed age competition focused groups, Thornton and Andrew coach track sessions on a Thursday evening from 6.45pm at Tilsley Park with a focus on endurance, cross country or track events. This is often where graduates of our C25K programmes start their journey into track events. Please see the adult track group for full details.

Track and field fixtures

View dates and locations for track and field events club athletes compete in (includes young athletes and adults).

Tilsley Park

Our track and field training takes place at Tilsley Park, there is a charge for using the track and other equipment. Visit the Tilsley Park website for details about prices.