Off-road and summer runs

Information about off-road group runs that are organised by the club.

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Headtorch runs

Please read the information below before arriving for the head torch run. Trail shoes are recommended for all runs.

What you need

In order to take part in the head-torch run, you must have a head-torch (or another running light device). It is recommended that you test the beam of your light in very dark surroundings as there are no streetlights at all on most of the route. The route is mostly off-road and will likely be muddy so suitable footwear is a must. Familiarise yourself with the route before setting off.

How it works

You will be required to sign a register at the beginning of the run and then sign in again afterwards (to make sure we don't lose anyone in the dark!) The runs will be organised in 'pace groups' to ensure that no one has to run alone. Further details about how this will work will be announced nearer the time.

Head torch routes

Wittenham Clumps

Boars Hill

Rye Meadow (Radley Lakes)

For the road runs from Rye Meadow car park, visit the local routes page (sector.glue.signal).

Rye Meadow (River routes)

For the road runs from Rye Meadow car park, visit the local routes page.

River runs


Starting from the public car park opposite Boat House, Wallingford (no parking at the pub).

Long Wittenham

Starting from The Plough pub car park.

Starting from the Barley Mow pub car park, Clifton Hampden (wished.inhales.palettes).

To shorten the shortest route, turn back at any point before the lock.


Starting from Fleur De Lys pub car park.


Starting from the Bowyer Arms pub car park.


Starting from The Green S, Warborough, Wallingford OX10 7DN

Abingdon Car park runs

Abingdon, Rye Meadow

Starting from the Rye Meadow car park

CP1 (off-road):

CP2 river runs (off-road):

CP1 and 2 road routes:

Original routes (Radley Lakes):

West St. Helen's

CP3 - Starting from the West St. Helen's car park (magic.palm.fully).

Abingdon, Barrow Hills

CP4 - Starting from the Barrow Hills car park off Audlett Drive (preoccupied.hired.rounds).

CP4R - Reverse routes:

Wootton, community centre

CP5 - Starting from Wootton and Dry Sandford community centre car park.

Tilsley Park routes

Routes starting from Tilsley park. All have an element of off-road.

TP2 Radley College and Radley Wood

All routes are a mix of tracks and quiet lanes.

Ridgeway runs

Ever fancied running on the Ridgeway but worried you might get lost? Well AAC can help, with our new series of led Ridgeway Sunday runs.

Signpost on the RidgewayEach run will start promptly at 9am from a location on the Ridgeway - maps will be posted here before each run. They will be pre-planned to allow runners to arrange lifts for car sharing. We recommend you use the club Facebook page if you can give/need a lift.

Next run: TBC

Sign up to run

Please use the sign-up form below to let us know which runtime you want to do and whether you will be eating at the pub.

  • Sign up to run (currently no runs arranged)

Fuel for distance running

If running for two hours you will need two gels / or some energy fuel to keep going.

Marathon training and pace

As these are long training runs we will be running at 1 to 2 mins per mile slower than marathon pace. Those taking part in spring marathons times will range from 8 min for each mile to 12 minutes. 

The intention is to run at a pace where it is possible to converse with a running partner. Please join us even if you can only run for one hour.


  • To encourage more club runners to take part in the Ridgeway Relay on 18 June 2017 (the runs follow the same route). Also to help planning teams for the relay. We hope to enter a minimum of two teams (20 runners).
  • These runs will offer the opportunity to run with a small group at a similar pace between 8 mins and 12mins.
  • To share long training runs with other members of the club as part of your own marathon training plan.
  • For marathon training up 50 + miles a week the benefits of running off road, is less impact on knee joints etc.

How this can help you

  • You'll gain a good knowledge of the Ridgeway Relay sections for taking part in the relay race in 2017.
  • You'll build confidence in running on uneven ground which will help you at Club Champs runs such as ‘The Dursley Dozen’ and cross country.
  • You'll be able to practice refuelling for longer races.
  • Runners can share advice with those wishing to enter longer distance runs for the first time.

What you will need

  • Trail shoes as many of the sections can be muddy and wet.
  • Water and energy gels as you will be increasing run times to 2hrs / 3hrs. Ideally after 6 miles (or 40 mins) most runners need to refuel.
  • A small gel belt is a good idea, however it is possible to attach gels to clothing with safety pins.
  • As it is quite exposed on the Ridgeway, long sleeve shirt under a t-shirt, gloves and a hat will help retain heat on cold mornings.

Bluebell runs

Runs leaving from The Black Horse pub, Gozzards Ford at, 6.50pm. If you don’t enjoy getting lost it is a good idea to print the map and instructions for the distance you will be running.

New Year's Day runs