Descriptions and maps of the running routes we run as a club on Tuesday evenings.

Visit the off-road and summer runs page for details about head torch runs, river runs and Ridgeway runs.

Route 1

Street paths along to Audlett Drive, then back via Radley Road, Norman Avenue and Boxhill or loops around Audlett and Radley Road coming back through Northcourt and Farm Road.

Route 2

Wootton Road, through town and back via Wootton Road again, the medium and long runs going down to the river, and the long one including Shippon.

Route 3

Through the town to East St Helen Street. Short run back via Bath Street, medium run on to Preston and Drayton Roads, while the long run goes as far as the Rugby club, and loops back via Caldecott Road and the town centre again.

Route 4

Zig-zag routes through the town, a good exercise for the memory as well as the legs!

Route 5

This takes the perimeter road to the north-west of Abingdon, the short run loops back up Spring Rd, while the medium distance cuts back across the centre of town, and the long run reaches out again to the perimeter road, this time to the east of town. This is suitable for after-dark running, with well-lit roads and paths all the way.

Route 6

Out to Radley Road roundabout and then back via Oxford Road, or into town and along to Faringdon Road, the long route looping via Spring Road and Ock Street.

Route 7

Part rural, along paths and lanes, and some town. Four distances all outward via Copenhagen Drive, and then choose between Spring Road and the Park for the short run, via paths to Drayton for the medium or further via Peep O'Day
Lane for the longest run.

Route 8

Part rural via Dalton Barracks and Shippon, the short run coming back via Faringdon Road, the medium run going out to the Gozzards Ford Road and back via Marcham Road and McDonald's, while the long run includes Caldecott Road and riverside run, before East St Helen Street.

Route 9

Tracks to Sunningwell, then back via the fields for the short run, the others climbing Bayworth Hill through the woods and then either returning down the hill via Lincombe Lane or on past the Fox Inn across the fields to Sandy Lane and Wootton.

Route 10

Radley College and round, or on to Sugworth Lane and back via Sunningwell, or further to Bagley Wood, Kennington and Chandlings for the longer route.

Route 11

Off-road via Lodge Hill to Radley College, then longer to Radley / Thrupp Lane, while shorter return via lodge hill, all return via pathway off Oxford Road.

Route 12

Rural run: Road to Whitecross, then off-road to Sunningwell for the short run, and up to Lincombe Lane, down to Bayworth for the medium run, then off road again to The Chandlings and back via Sunningwell on roads and then track for the long run.

Route 13

The short run through leafy avenues, with the medium and long runs continuing down to the river, crossing at the lock, and running alongside the river through the meadows.

Route 14

All routes go through to Radley Road, with the short looping back. The medium and long runs continue to Thrupp Lane and the gravel pits. The medium run then takes the Sustrans cycle track, while the long one goes alongside the river. All three runs come back via Norman Avenue, Northcourt and Farm Road.

Route 15

The short run goes along leafy avenues to the north of the town, while the medium and long runs continuing into the centre, along Park Road and Ock Street, returning via Wootton Road. If you prefer an even longer run, after the town centre carry on around the perimeter roads - Audlett Drive, Twelve Acre Drive and back to Tilsley Park.

Route 16

The long route follows the perimeter road around Abingdon, with the medium one cutting back through town, while the short one goes as far as the Radley Road roundabout returning via Peachcroft. 

Route 17

This takes the perimeter road to the north-west of Abingdon, then turning left into Willow Brook and Spring Gardens. The short run returns from here, while the others do a circuit of Albert Park before continuing through town, and the long run goes down to the river. All runs return via Faringdon Road and Wootton Road. This is suitable for after-dark running, with well-lit roads and paths all the way.

Route 18

Street paths along to Radley Road, turning back for the short run or into town and along Ock Street, returning via Copenhagen Drive. The long route takes in an extra loop, returning via Oxford Road.

Route 19 - Xmas lights

A run to light up your evening, this route winds you around the streets of Abingdon, passing houses with displays of Christmas lights – for December fun only. How many houses with Christmas light displays can you count?

Route 21

Oxford Road, then South Avenue to Holland Road, Short returns via Oxford Rd and Northcourt Rd, longer routes wind their way into town, returning via Audlett Drive, the long run looping down Oxford Road again and back via Bath Street.

Route 22

Cross over using the lights, turn right, then turn left down Farm road, through the bollards and right into Selwood Road. You are now beginning a lap around town so check your watch to see how long it will take in order to decide if you have time to do more than one lap.

Route 23

Tracks to Radley College, then back either via Dunmore / Twelve Acre Drive or on to the Sustrans cycle track into town, adding a loop alongside the river for the longest route, medium and longer runs returning via Audlett Drive.

Route 24

Setting off along paths to Sunningwell, the short and medium runs return via the village, the medium one carrying on into town. The long run meanwhile goes up Bayworth Hill and then back again to Sunningwell before doing a loop of the north side of Abingdon.

Route 27

A run down to the weir and alongside the Thames. The medium and long routes continue along the river bank and back along the Causeway, with the long one going as far as Culham locks.

Route 28

Perimeter Road to the south-west of Abingdon, joining tracks towards Drayton, the medium route returning via Mill Lane, while the longer one looping around Oday Hill and alongside the river, returning via McDonald's.

Route 29

Tracks to the edge of Sunningwell, then out to the old A34, the medium route returning via Lodge Hill or Radley and Whites Lane, the long route continuing through Radley.

Route 31

Off-road via Lodge Hill to Radley College, through to Lower Radley and down to the river, the longest along the Thames Path to Abingdon.

Route 32

Copenhagen Drive and back through town, or continuing along Drayton Rd and the river, returning via Spring Rd, with the long route coming back via the town centre and Radley Rd.

Route 33

Over A34 to Penn Lane, Sunningwell Village.

Route 35

Leaving from The Manor Prep School on Farringdon Road, Abingdon.

Route 36

Christmas lights run, leaving from Tilsley.

Rye meadow

On-road alternatives to the Rye Meadow head torch run. Starting from Rye Meadow car park.

Hendred Handicap

Visit the Hendred Handicap page to find out more about this club event.