The event takes place every March at the Roger Bannister running track on Iffley Road, Oxford.

Teddy Hall Relays

Starting and finishing on the iconic Iffley track, one of the oldest and largest student relays nationwide returns with the scenic 4 x 7k route through the centre of Oxford.

Runners of all abilities most welcome.

The 2019 event

This year's relays take place on Wednesday 6 March, starting at 1.30pm.

How does it work

It's a relay race so we have a number of teams, with each member running one leg. They will each run the whole course of 7k. When the first runner arrives back at the track, they run around to where they started and tag the team member running the next leg, and so on until the whole team has run their leg.

The emphasis for this event is definitely on fun.

The teams

We will enter as many teams as we can. The entry form asks you for your age and current 5k time so that we can organise the teams in the best way we can. The teams are made up as:

  • Women’s teams: four female runners
  • Men’s teams: four male runners
  • Mixed teams: two female + two male runners

Picnic in the stands

That's right, it wouldn't be an AAC event without cake. Bring along some food to share (or gobble down all yourself) and we will huddle in the stands for a picnic. Come rain or shine!

How much?

The entry fee is subsidised by the club so the cost will be only £5 per runner.

How to sign up

Complete our online form to join one of the AAC teams. Payment is by BACS, the details will be included in the email you'll receive after completing the form. Check you have entered the correct email address before submitting the form.

The route

The route begins on the Iffley Track, then heads towards Donnington Bridge, crosses it and continues alongside the river on the towpath. It then proceeds a short way down Abingdon Road (turning into St. Aldate’s) to the entrance of Christ Church Meadow. The course takes runners around the Meadow out to Rose Lane and the High Street, before finishing on the track.

Map of route (jpg)

Visit the OUCCC website for more information.