Information about the various leagues that ACC competes in.

XC race village

Abingdon AC participates in two cross country leagues and several championship races:

Oxfordshire Cross Country League

This is the very popular and only Cross Country (XC) league in Oxfordshire. It is a friendly league that welcomes all abilities and ages so if you one of those that have not tried it since school then maybe it is time to give it another go, except no sneaking off and missing a lap this time! It is open to all ages from 8 years old and up.

The races are on the first Sunday of the month and run from November to March. 

We provide a nice new tent to change and put your stuff in, there is a big yellow Abingdon AC flag flying so you can find us.

Fixtures for 2019-2020

  • Sunday 3 November 2019 - Bicester Heritage, Bicester
  • Sunday 1 December 2019 - Cirencester Park, Cirencester
  • Sunday 5 January 2020 - Bo Peep Caravan Park, Adderbury
  • Sunday 2 Feb 2020 - Lawns Park, Swindon
  • Sunday 1 Mar 2020 - Henley Showground, Greenlands

View the Oxfordshire Cross Country League website for more information about the events.

What you will need

If you wish to take part then you must be a paid-up member of Abingdon AC, have an Abingdon AC vest and it is recommended that you have a pair of XC spikes (some members use the rubber studded trail shoes, definitely don’t turn up with road shoes).

Also as part of our commitment to the league we encourage car-sharing, there is a parking fee of about £3 so remember to bring some change. Change is also useful if you fancy tea or hot food as there is normally a facility for this.

How to enter

Our entries are organised by Marc Juffkins. If you competed and finished a race last year then you will be automatically registered for this year and you just need to turn up.

For those that did not compete last year and would like to compete this year please use the contact form, to the right of this page, to send the following information to Marc (you only need to register once for the whole season).

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • EA number
  • Whether you are 1st claim or 2nd claim
  • If under 18, your parent or guardian must give photography consent (default is no)

You must do this by 20 October at the latest. Any later than that and we cannot guarantee you will be able to race the first race on 4 November.

It will still be possible to race the later races as long as you contact Marc Juffkins two weeks prior to the start of that race. You can no longer turn up on the day to race if you have not pre-registered for the race. Please see 'important notes' at the bottom of this page for more about changes to the registration rules.

Visit the Oxfordshire Cross Country League website for fixtures list and race times.

League rules

Visit the Oxfordshire Cross Country League website for the rules including age category information.

Chiltern League XC

There is no AAC team this year as no one was willing to be the team captain! However, it is possible to enter as an individual.

Find out more on the Chiltern XC League website.

Oxfordshire Cross Country Championships 2020

Sign up to enter this championship event. Held in conjunction with the Round 3 Oxford Mail Cross Country League fixture scheduled for Sunday, 5 January at Adderbury. Entry cost £5 for seniors and vets, £3 for all other categories. Closing date for AAC entries is Saturday 14 December 2019. Check the rules before entering (pdf).

Southern Cross Country Championships 2020

Sign up to enter this championship event. Saturday 25 January 2020 at Parliament Hill Fields, London, NW5 1QR. Entry cost £7 per runner. Closing date for AAC entries is Saturday 14 December 2019. Check the rules before entering.