1. Only paid-up, first claim members at 1 April 2020 are eligible to score points. Eligible membership types are Senior Full, Senior Student / Unwaged, Competing Coach, U9, U11, U13, U15 and U17.
  2. You must wear an Abingdon AC club vest/t-shirt in club championship events to be included. Except for club track events, parkruns, marathons or the Pud Run.
  3. It is your responsibility to check dates and enter events in good time. No concessions will be made if entry limits prevent you from running.
  4. Your age on 1 January 2020 determines your category for the whole year.
  5. Times and positions from official results are always used. This is usually the gun time, except for larger events, which may use chip times.
  6. For each gender, points run from 30 for the first eligible club member down to 1 point minimum in each event. If there are more than 30 eligible runners of a gender in an event, then the 31st and subsequent runners of that gender receive 1 point each.
  7. (a) Up to 10 events count towards your championship total points, but only up to 5 events in each half of the calendar year. If you exceed 5 qualifying events in either or both half-years, you can discard your weaker scores in the appropriate half year.
    (b) To qualify for age category or overall prizes, you must score in a minimum of 6 events at any time of the year. Except for the U20 age group, who need to run a minimum of 4 events.
  8. a) Major trophies/prizes are the first overall man or woman and the first in each category: MU20, SM, M40, M50, M60, M70, M80, WU20, SW, W35, W45, W55 and W65.
    (b) The Prolific Racer Prize is awarded to the runner (of either gender) who completes the most championship events, regardless of points scored. In the event of a tie, if any runner has won one of the main trophies, then this will go to the runner that has not won a major trophy with the highest total score, or the runner with the highest total if all eligible runners have won a main trophy.
  9. The overall men and women championship prize winners do not qualify for age category prizes.
  10. The championship coordinator may remove or substitute events if there are cancellations, date changes, date clashes etc.
  11. Points for the marathon are awarded on ranked times for each gender as at 30 November 2020. Marathons after 30 November 2020 do not count. Marathons count towards the score in whichever half of the year in which they are run. If a runner completes more than one marathon, then they are ranked either using the best time or the time which contributes best to their championship score.
  12. Order of tie-break:
    (a) Compare the sub-total of points only in events where the tied runners both competed and both scores could be used in their final score for the best 10 events.
    (b) Compare the average points per event for each runner overall events completed.
    (c) Compare the total number of qualifying events completed (more is better).