Everything you need to know about the Club Championships.

Provisional list for 2020.

Club champs list for 2019.

What it's all about

The club champs are series of races run throughout the year over various distances, mostly close to home. They add some friendly competition between club members and also represent races where you are very likely to find other clubmates racing and supporting you.

You must be a paid-up member of the club on the day of the race and wear club vests or t-shirt (except for parkruns, track events, marathons and the Pud run).

How it works

There are separate championships for men and women, with the first club member of each sex to finish a club champs race gaining 30 points, the second finisher 29 points and so on. Anyone finishing the race will get a minimum of one point.

You will see from the club champs fixtures list that there are about a dozen races in each half of the year. You can run as many of the races as you wish, but only your best five races (i.e. those with the highest points) in each half of the year will count. In order to win the champs, you must run a minimum of six races in the year and at least one in each half of the year.


Prizes are awarded at the annual awards evening in January to the overall men and women winner, as well as the winner of the age categories senior men, M40, M50, M60, M70, M80, senior women, W35, W45, W55 and W65.

Your age on 1 January determines the age category for the whole year.

There are also prizes for the men and women under 20 age category, although they only need four races in the year to win, with at least one in each half of the year. And there is also a prize for the man or woman who completes the most races from the calendar. The overall winners of the men’s and women’s championship cannot also win their age category.


The results will be updated periodically before the end of the year.

The rules

For more details, please see the Club Championship rules (pdf format).

Hare or tortoise?

The good news is that you don’t have to be the fastest runner in your age group to win, but competing in lots of races gives you the best chance. Sometimes there may only be one or two AAC members at a race, so you get 30 points for just trotting around. Often the overall winners are not known until the last race or two.

Suggestions for races to include

Our Championship Co-ordinator, Mark Lewy is always open to suggestions for possible races to include the following year but tries to include the smaller races organized by our fellow Oxfordshire clubs as without our support, they won’t happen. The cross country and Mota-vation races are in the calendar to encourage runners to take part in the whole series.

Please use the contact form on the right of the page if you want to make any suggestions or have questions about the Club Championships.

Oxfordshire Grand Prix Series

Oxfordshire Grand Prix races (except the Abingdon Marathon) have been included as an incentive for club members to take part.

The Oxfordshire Grand Prix Series started in 2002 and is organised by the Oxfordshire Athletics. In the competition, most Oxfordshire Clubs compete against each other in a series of 14 road races over various distances.

In the team competition, the first four runners for each club score and the teams are then awarded points according to their position on a sliding scale (1st 25 points, 2nd 22 points, 3rd 20points, 4th 19 points, 5th 18 points....). The best 12 results from the 14 races in the series count towards the teams' overall score.

In 2018, both our men's team and our women's team came 2nd. So, perhaps we can do even better this year!

In the individual competition, finishers are awarded a point for every other Oxon club runner that they beat. All 14 races in the series count towards the overall individuals score so the more races completed the more points you will score.