Training in splendid isolation

How to keep up with your training while on lockdown.

We may all be forced to stay apart (for a good reason), but that's no excuse to be a slacker. If you want to avoid piling on the pounds while binging on 'just one more' Netflix boxset, (other streaming services are available), you need to get off the sofa.

If you need inspiration, look no further. Coach Colin has put together this training guide. These sessions are designed for pure speed and endurance speed but the warm-ups and drills can be used for any type of training.

The guide

The guide includes warm-ups and drills as well as a couple of speed sessions. Some exercises mention a partner, this must be someone you live with or possibly your dog. Do not be fooled by this light-hearted introduction, these sessions will make you sweat.

Safety first

Remember that you must do these sessions alone or with someone you already live with unless we are told otherwise by the scientists.

Have fun, share your efforts via Facebook and Twitter, but most of all, stay away from all people.