A collection of guidance and advice from some of our coaches and links to other support online.

Websites for runners

Training during Covid-19 outbreak

Training in splendid isolation.


Be safe, be seen - advice for running in the dark.

No signal, no session

How to stop worrying about Strava and train using what's around you.


Advice for athletes when tapering for major events.

Let's talk trousers

Coach Bernard shares some thoughts on running in full-length legwear, (and when not to).

The hard-easy principle – or should it be the other way around?

Coach Bernard looks at the 'hard-easy principle' and how it can fit into your training.

Low-intensity training

Coach Bernard shines some light on low-intensity training.

The rebirth of the Tuesday 10

Tempo, threshold, what does it all mean? Endurance coach Bernard sheds some light.

Run long, run relaxed

Break or break

Warming up

Food for thought

Stay warm but cool down