Club kit

How to order your Abingdon Athletics Club kit. 

The club holds small quantities of kit in stock (except crop tops - see below). If the size you require is out of stock it may take six weeks for it be available.


Please check the currently available stock before ordering. If you order 'out of stock' sizes, they will be added to the next order from the suppliers (note that there will be a waiting time for these items).

Ordering and collecting kit

All kit must be ordered and paid for before collection. You can collect kit from 6.45pm at Tilsley Park on the last Tuesday of the month. You can also collect kit on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Tilsley Park if you arrange it in advance with Stuart (


Kit payment is by BACS only and you will be provided with a reference number and details, by email, when you place an order. Please make a separate payment for each order form. Use the reference that you have been supplied with. This will help us match the payment to your order and will ensure you receive your item.

Adult vests and t-shirts

The vests are available in sizes 30-46" and are £15.50 each. The t-shirts are available in sizes 30-44" and are £18.75 each.

How to order

Please complete the online form to order adult vests and adult t-shirts.

Young athlete vests

The vests are available in sizes 24", 26", 28" and are £12.25 each.

How to order

Please complete the online form to order young athlete vests.


Jet black hoodies with double lined gold contrast hood! Club logo on the front, and if you want, for a small added cost, your name/nickname on the back!.

New: Black zip-up hoodies are now available in adult sizes, with or without personalisation.


  • Adult over-the-head hoodie - £21.50 or £23 with personalisation
  • Adult zip-up - £26 or £28 with personalisation
  • YA over-the-head hoodies - £15.50 or £17.20 with personalisation

How to order

Hoodies are available to order online. The form will be closed in early December to allow the order to be fulfilled in time for Christmas. Contact the kit officer for further details.

Crop tops

Please contact Stuart Watton, Kit Officer - to order crop tops.

Washing and care instructions

To extend the life and colour of the kit and protect applied prints against washing abrasion, we strongly recommend garments are turned inside out before hand-washing in a mild non-detergent product.

Alternatively, machine wash on a short 'delicate' setting at 30°.

Any marks or stains, use Vanish - it's brilliant!