What we do

The Club Committee is responsible for organising everything that the club does - with the invaluable help of numerous other volunteers, its members organise the annual championship, all the coaching, management of the very active junior side of the club, supplying marshals and officials for events, participation in the various track and field and league matches, Motavation, all the socials (including away-runs like the Pud-run and chip-Tuesday), web-site maintenance, weekly email updates, AGM, awards evening, liaison with local council and Tilsley Park management, club kit and it is ultimately responsible for the functioning of the Abingdon Marathon...

The list goes on and on; all of these activities make the club what it is, but without the people, there can be no committee.

Who can be on the committee?

The committee is currently made up of around 10 or 12 members, but it's always the case that the more the merrier - anyone who wants to help towards the running of the club is welcome to join us. We meet once a month after a Tuesday night run but there is no obligation on anyone to attend every meeting. Inevitably, the more people who can help, the easier the task of being a committee member becomes because the more we can spread the work around amongst ourselves; we all help each other to help to make the club what it is.

New committee members are welcome at any time of the year, but the focus on new people joining us is always at or before the AGM in January in anticipation of the upcoming year's events.

The principle committee posts

Chair: Chairs the monthly meetings and heads up relations with Tilsley Park and other important bodies. The Chair is also responsible for the Tuesday pre-run briefing, even if this is managing a rota of other volunteers to give it. The Chair reports on the Club's activities at the AGM in January.


Supports the Chair as necessary.


Manages the club accounts - primarily the incoming subscription fees and outgoing EA fees and club costs and reports on the annual accounts to the club at the AGM.


Manages the formal correspondence for the club, including passing relevant stuff on to the committee and to the wider club (usually every few weeks on Facebook). Minutes the committee meetings and AGM.

Senior Membership Secretary

Handles subscriptions (in liaison with the Treasurer), enquiries about EA membership and membership lists.

Social Secretary

Organises the main club social events and advertises them on the website and Facebook.

Press Officer

Collates event reports and results and circulates them to the local media and arranges for details to go up on the website.

Junior Membership Secretary

Much like the Senior Membership Secretary, and with the help of parents, almost everything else besides which relates to the Junior side of the club (leagues, registers, travel, coaching...)

Other committee members

These members contribute their particular expertise or knowledge to the running of the club or just get involved in whatever they can help with at the time. If you have any skills or interests which you think would be beneficial to the running of the club, or even just want to help out and get involved in the club in some way other than pounding the pavement, the committee members will always be pleased to welcome you.