Have you got some running-related gear to sell or give away?

Now you can use the classified ads to do that!

Note: You will need to be an Abingdon Athletic Club member, and logged in, to use classifieds.

Creating your classified ad

  • Click the 'Add a Classified' button. Fill in the form with the details about your item.
  • You can upload an image from your computer but remember to 'add image alternative text'.
  • We don't advise you to add personal information within the advert (e.g. your telephone number, email). You can use the message function to pass on this information to your buyer.
  • If the item is for sale, don't forget to add the price within the advert description.

Responding to an advert

If you click the 'Respond to this Classified' button you can send a message to the seller (only you and the seller can see this message. You can only send one response per advert but if you click 'view details' next to your response, you can edit the message as many times as you need to.

The rules

1. Do not use this website to sell animals / pets

2. The classified ads is only for use by AAC members and their families

3. Messages between buyers and sellers are private, however, be careful what information you share on the website