Sunday 18 November saw the second Sportshall of the season taking place.

We had 12 athletes taking part, which was a little disappointing given our 21 for Round 1! Unfortunately, with our numbers, our team results weren't quite so encouraging as they have been, but we still did have some PB's from our athletes.


Speedbounce PB's went to Amy Frost, Abbie Barrett, Grace Armstrong, Lily Marah, Spencer Morgan, Gabriel Convers-Reignier. Myla Muir and Nico Abitabile equalled their PB's.
Shot putt PB's for Amy Frost and Abbie Barrett.
Long jump for Jack Sands and Myla Muir. Javelin PB for Jack Sands.
1 lap PB's for Grace Armstrong, Lily Marah, Myla Muir, Nico Abitabile, Spencer Morgan and Gabriel Convers-Reignier.
2 lap PB's for Freya Halsall and Amelia Muir, with Amelia also getting a PB for her 6 lap.
Finally 3 lap PB's for Lily Marah, Spencer Morgan and Tom Spokes.

A big thank you to Naomi for co-ordinating the speedbounce for me, and to all the parents and athletes for turning up and for counting the speedbounce.

Next event

There is a break now until 13 January when the 3rd sportshall of the season takes place at Windrush Leisure centre, Witan Way, Witney, OX28 4YA. Please try and keep the date free so that we can field full teams for all the age groups! Just look out for my round robin invite after Christmas...

Fiona (sportshall team manager).