Sunday 10 March was the final sportshall of the season.

Despite several 'regulars' being unable to attend we still had a great turnout of 24 athletes. The snow on the way home made me very happy that we were inside in the warmth despite the noise!

New club records

Huge congratulations to Oliver Thompson who set a new county record in the 2 lap with a time of 23.6 Congratulations to Freya Halsall too, who has set a new club record for the vertical jump, and the U13 obstacle relay team of Oliver Thompson, EJ Brown, Henry Manley and David Naylor who have set a new club record.

Results on the day

The results on the day ended up with our U11's in 4th place (above Banbury, Oxford and White Horse), our U13's in 4th place (above Banbury, Radley and White Horse) and our lone U15 boy (Samuel Naylor) giving us 4th place (above Radley, White Horse and Oxford -who admittedly didn't have any competitors-).

Results for the season

Unfortunately, the results overall for the whole season aren't quite so good, but we didn't come last! The U11's came 6th above White Horse, the U13's did come 4th above Banbury, Radley and White Horse and the U15 girls (I say girls, but like the boys there's one sole competitor for the U15's - Celena Appleby-Prince, so well done Celena!) came 5th above White Horse and Oxford (who didn't have any competitors) as did Samuel for the U15 boys (well done Samuel!)

Personal bests

PB's on the day went to:


1 lap: Jason Okoli, Finn Dean, Jack Sands, Bethan Thompson, Maddie Kingston, Lily Marah and Lou Walters.
Speedbounce: Elliot Frost, Ilyan Doddo-Siddo, Harry Manley and Monty Bath. Nico Abitabile, Bethan Thompson and Grace Armstrong equalled their PB's.
Vertical jump: Harry Manley, Ilyan Doddo-Siddo, Maddie Kingston and Lou Walters.
3 lap: Finn Dean, Monty Bath, Bethan Thompson and Sophie Fleet.
Chest push: Lewis Brock and Lily Marah.
Standing long jump: Jason Okoli, Nico Abitabile and Elliot Frost.


Speedbounce: Imogen Bath.
2 lap: EJ Brown, Samantha Viner and Imogen Bath. Oliver Thompson obviously got a PB and the Club record with the County record of 23.6
Shot putt: Henry Manley, David Naylor and Abbie Barrett.
Standing triple jump: EJ Brown.
4 lap: Henry Manley, David Naylor, Freya Halsall and Imogen Bath.
Vertical jump: Oliver Thompson. Freya Halsall has set a new club record with 54 cm beating the long-standing record of I.Taylor's 53. Well done Freya!
Obstacle relay: Oliver Thompson, EJ Brown, Henry Manley and David Naylor have broken the club record set in the 2015/16 season (by Charlie Fegan, Benjy Davys, William Barrett and Sam Macmanus) with a time of 1.25.8 Well done boys, a great team effort!


Samuel Naylor had PB's in the 2 lap, shot putt and standing triple jump.

Shout outs!

A huge thank you to all the athletes for a brilliant season, it's lovely to see the team spirit that has grown over this season. Massive thanks also to the parents who give up their time to bring their athletes to take part and help with counting the speedbounce, special thanks to Naomi my speedbounce co-ordinator ( I wouldn't be able to do what I do without someone doing that job for me!) I hope to see you all again next season and hopefully some newcomers too. Don't forget the outdoor season is just about to start, so go and enjoy yourselves in the fresh air!

Big shout out to Benji Davys too (who left sportshall at the end of last season as he was too old!) who made a guest appearance at this last sportshall giving me a bit of a hand (and having a chat to the other team managers and officials!!) and running a non-scoring paarlauf with Samuel, so that he was able to do his final event.

See you all next season.

Fiona (Sportshall Team Manager)

Results and records