Latest report and results from Sporthall.

Sunday 11 February saw our largest team yet at sportshall (21 athletes!) with a new (if slightly chilly!) venue for this season (at Wantage Leisure Centre) there were lots of new club records set, which is always nice!


Our U11 team did us proud by coming in joint third place with Oxford City, below Bicester and Witney and above White Horse, Radley and Banbury. This is a testament as I've said before, to the numbers game that sportshall is, athletes filling spaces so we don't lose points to empty places. The boys team was complete and the girls team was 1 short.


Sadly our U13 boys team consisted of 1! Although our girls U13 team gained one member and were then able to compete in the obstacle relay and 4x2 relay for the first time (with club records as a bonus!)


Our U15 team also consisted of 1, but the U15's are scored individually and Benji was the top scoring athlete on the day, so very well done Benji.

Club records

Club records were set for all the track events because of the new venue, so here's the list:

U11 Girls:

  • Obstacle relay (Abbie Barrett, Grace Armstrong, Myla Muir, Megan Powell) 1.48.3
  • 4x1 relay (Hana Horby, Emily Betts, Evey Powell, Abbie Barrett) 57.1
  • 1 lap Hana Horby 13.1
  • 3 lap Hana Horby 42.1

U11 Boys:

  • Obstacle relay (Connor Morgan, Nico Abitabile, Gabriel Convers-Reignier, Jack Sands) 1.35.0
  • 4x1 relay (EJ Brown, Connor Morgan, David Naylor, Finn Dean) 57.2
  • 1 lap EJ Brown 13.8
  • 3 lap EJ Brown 43.4

U13 girls:

  • Obstacle relay (Ruby Herring, Freya Halsall, Amelia Muir, Celena Appleby-Prince) 1.26.3
  • 4x2 relay (Ruby Herring, Freya Halsall, Amelia Muir, Celena Appleby-Prince) 1.47.1
  • 2 lap Ruby Herring 26.1
  • 4 lap Celena Appleby-Prince 55.6

U13 boys:

  • 2 lap Samuel Naylor 26.8
  • 4 lap Samuel Naylor 60.4

U15 boys:

  • 4 lap Benji Davys 49.1

Personal bests

Now onto the PB's ...

Speedbounce PB's to Myla Muir, Emily Betts, Evey Powell, Jack Sands, Gabriel Convers-Reignier, Nico Abitabile, David Naylor, Connor Morgan, Finn Dean and Freya Halsall.

Long jump PB's for Megan Powell, Abbie Barrett, Emily Betts, Hana Horby, Jack Sands, Gabriel Convers-Reignier, Nico Abitabile, EJ Brown and Thomas Higgins.

Javelin PB's to Myla Muir and Thomas Higgins.

Shot putt PB's for Celena Appleby-Prince, Samuel Naylor and Benji Davys.

Well done everyone.

Thanks to ...

A huge thank you to Naomi for coordinating the speedbounce for me and to all the parents for bringing their athletes (enduring the cold and the noise!) and counting speedbounces, not forgetting the lovely athletes themselves.

Last of the season

A reminder that the final sportshall of the season is taking place on the 11 March at the Park Sports Centre, Wheatley Park School, OX33 1QZ. It would be great to see as many, if not more of you, there.

Please tell your friends and feel free to get in contact if you have any queries.

Selected to represent Oxfordshire

A final congratulations must go to our athletes that have been selected to represent Oxfordshire for sportshall. The U11's have already competed (on 10 February at Guildford) and they were Harry Winsey, Amy Frost and Hana Horby.

Our U13's and U15's will be competing on 4 March at Burgess Hill and are for the U13's Oliver Thompson, Oliver Mellor and Edward Betts and for the U15's Benji Davys. Good luck and enjoy the experience!

Fiona (Sportshall Team Manager)