Another great turnout for Abingdon AC at Sportshall.

After last Sportshall's massive 28 athlete turnout the penultimate Sportshall of the season didn't disappoint either, with 27 athletes taking part. This was a new venue (at King Alfred's rather lovely new gymnasium) so there were plenty of county and club records up for grabs.

New records

Our county records (and therefore club records too) went to Jason Okoli and Finn Williams for the 1 lap, both with a time of 13.3 in the U11 age group. In the U13 age group we had county (and club) records for both the obstacle relay and 4x2 lap relay with Oliver Thompson, Connor Morgan, EJ Brown and Niall Taylor with times of 1.25.1 for the obstacle and 1.46.0 for the 4x2 relays. Oliver Thompson also got a county record for his 2 lap race with a time of 23.6. Huge congratulations to all those athletes, a brilliant result.

Our club records in the U11's went to Gabriel Convers-Reignier, Spencer Morgan, Lewis Brock and Harry Manley for the obstacle relay with a time of 1.43.2 and for the girls obstacle relay to Myla Muir, Lily Marah, Megan Powell and Grace Armstrong with a time of 1.41.8. For the 4x1 relay with a time of 56.0 for the boys were Jason Okoli, Nico Abitabile, Finn Dean and Spencer Morgan, and for the girls with a time of 55.4 were Bethan Thompson, Maddie Kingston, Lily Marah and Lou Walters. Bethan Thompson also got a club record for the 1 lap with a time of 13.3. The 3 lap club records went to Finn Williams and Sophie Fleet with respective times of 42.0 and 44.3.

Club records for the U13's went to Amelia Muir, Evey Powell, Samantha Viner and Abbie Barrett for the obstacle relay with a time of 1.31.3. For the 2 lap to Amelia Muir with 26.9 and the 4 lap to Connor Morgan and Freya Halsall with respective times of 59.4 and 57.6. The paarlauf record goes to Evey Powell and Freya Halsall with 1.52.7. Standing Long jump records also went to Oliver Thompson with a jump of 2.26 (moving off Lyran Bazzi's jump of 2.18) and Freya Halsall with a jump of 2.21 (finally removing a long-standing record of Jemma Gregory's of 2.09).

U15 records go to Celena Appleby-Prince for her 4 lap with a time of 56.2 and she also managed to equal an extremely long-standing Vertical jump record of a C.Duncan with 52.

Congratulations to all of those athletes, but also to the following athletes who have managed PB's in their events.

Under 11s

  • 1 lap: Fin Dean, Nico Abitabile, Maddie Kingston, Sophie Fleet and Lou Walters.
  • 3 lap: Spencer Morgan and Megan Powell.
  • Speedbounce: Nico Abitabile, Harry Manley, Finn Williams, Finn Dean, Spencer Morgan, Lewis Brock, Gabriel Convers-Reignier, Esme Williams, Megan Powell, Maddie Kingston, Bethan Thompson and Lou Walters. And Sophie Fleet and Grace Armstrong equalled their PB's.
  • Standing long jump: Jason Okoli, Lewis Brock, Finn Dean, Nico Abitabile, Harry Manley, Bethan Thompson, Lou Walters, Esme Williams and Grace Armstrong.
  • Javelin: Gabriel Convers-Reignier, Jason Okoli, Maddie Kingston and Esme Williams.

Under 13s

  • 2 lap: EJ Brown and Samantha Viner.
  • 4 lap: Niall Taylor and Evey Powell.
  • Speedbounce: Connor Morgan, Niall Taylor, Freya Halsall and Abbie Barrett.
  • Shot putt: Samantha Viner.

Big thanks

It was lovely to see so many athletes competing again, thank you so much for coming and taking part and to their long-suffering parents who speedbounce counted for me, endured the noise and provided the taxi service! Special thanks to Naomi as ever for her speedbounce co-ordinating (and Nina, who started it off for Naomi). To those of you for whom it was their first event, hopefully, we'll see you back and just a reminder that the final Sportshall of the season is on the 10th March at Bicester, an invite will be winging its way nearer the time! I know that a few of my "regulars" aren't available for this next one, so if you're thinking ooh I might give it a try, please bite the bullet and come and join us, hopefully, you'll have some fun and want to come again!

Thank you again, and hope to see you all soon.

County selection

One final lot of massive congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected to represent the county at the Regional Sportshall Competition at Burgess Hill:

  • U11: Jason Okoli, Jack Sands, Bethan Thompson and Maddie Kingston.
  • U13: Oliver Thompson, Connor Morgan and Freya Halsall.

Fantastic and we all wish you the best of luck.

Fiona (Sportshall team manager)