Sunday 12th January saw 28 Abingdon athletes competing at Witney leisure centre for the third Sportshall of the season, we had a fabulous number of U11 boys so well done to them.


PB's on the day went to:

  • Jack Sands, Ewan Shayler, Charlie McKechnie-Himpson, Daniel Egerton, Meg Connor, Alexis Okoli, Andrea Okoli, and Elizabeth McNeill for the 1 lap.
  • Speedbounce PB's to Reuben Minto, Charlie DeBresser, Lily Marah, Andrea Okoli, Jack Sands, Samuel Nixon-Gagg, Daniel Egerton and Charlie McKechnie-Himpson.
  • Vertical jump: Tom Ovenden, Thomas Egerton, Maddie Kingston, Elizabeth McNeill, Zachary Minto and Amy Stevenson.
  • 3 lap: Spencer Morgan, Samuel Nixon-Gagg, Maddie Kingston and Lou Walters.
  • Chest push: Ollie Fosdike, James Marah and Alexis Okoli.
  • 2 lap: Oscar Oweka, Zachary Minto, Bethan Thompson, Sophie Fleet and Oli Thompson.
  • Standing triple jump: Bethan Thompson.
  • Shot putt: EJ Brown, Connor Morgan and Amy Stevenson.
  • 6 lap: Connor Morgan and Sophie Fleet.
  • 4 lap: Amy Stevenson
  • Standing long jump: Meg Connor, Reuben Minto and James Marah, and Ewan Shayler equalled his PB.

Club records

Huge congratulations to Freya Halsall and Zachary Minto who both beat club records! Freya Halsall now has the new U15 standing long jump record of 2.27 (beating a long-standing record of a Z. Watts of 2.19). Zachary Minto has the new U13 6 lap record of 1.28.2 (also beating a long-standing record of a J. Chegwin of 1.28.4)

Well done to both of you, it's good to see the long-standing records disappearing!

How to take part

If any athletes would like to take part in the heat and noise of Sportshall there are two events left in the season, both in February. The first is on the 9th Feb at King Alfred's Academy west site, Wantage, OX12 9DU. Look out for the invite! (The second one of February and the final Sportshall of the season is on 23rd Feb, just so you can keep the dates free!)

Help needed

One final thing, as you all may know, I'm looking to step down from the role of team manager. I have had one enquiry about possibly taking on the role, but that person would like to share the responsibility, so it would be great if someone else would step up. It's really not too onerous a task, but after five years I think it's time I passed the baton!

Hope to see you all at the next Sportshall.

Fiona (Sportshall Team Manager).