Sunday 13 January saw 29 (yes you've read correctly, 29!!) athletes travel to Witney for round 3 of Sportshall.

We had a few debut appearances (which is brilliant) but mainly these were our normal sportshall crew, just all managing to make it at the same time .... A bit of a jump from 12 athletes last round!

Our U11's came 4th (behind Witney, Bicester and Radley) and our U13's came 3rd (behind Witney and Bicester), but a special mention is due to our U13 boys who came 1st overall on the day (Oliver Thompson, David Naylor, Connor Morgan and Niall Taylor).

New club record

A huge congratulations to Evey Powell who has a new U13 club record for the 6 lap event with a time of 1.31.5 taking Ruby Herring's record of 1.31.7!! Sorry, Ruby!

U11 PB's

1 lap: Jason Okoli, Nico Abitabile, Anton Oliver, Finn Williams, Bethan Thompson, Maddie Kingston, Olivia Ovenden and Myla Muir.
Speedbounce: Jack Sands, Nico Abitabile, Finn Williams, Maddie Kingston, Amelie Walker, Sophie Fleet, Myla Muir, Olivia Ovenden, Esme Williams and Megan Powell, and Spencer Morgan equalled his PB.
Vertical jump: Anton Oliver, Maddie Kingston and Amelie Walker.
3 lap: Jack Sands, Spencer Morgan, Sophie Fleet and Megan Powell.
Chest Push: Jason Okoli, Finn Williams, Hebe Sanders and Esme Williams.
Long jump: Bethan Thompson and Lily Marah.

U13 PB's

2 lap: Oliver Thompson, David Naylor, Amelia Muir and Samantha Viner.
Triple jump: Niall Taylor and Freya Halsall.
Shot putt: David Naylor and Abbie Barrett
6lap: Connor Morgan, Niall Taylor, Evey Powell and Emily Betts.
Vertical jump: Connor Morgan, Samantha Viner and Evey Powell
Speedbounce: Evey Powell, Emily Betts and Samantha Viner and Freya Halsall and Abbie Barrett equalled their PB's.

U15 PB's

2 lap: Samuel Naylor
4 lap: Celena Appleby-Prince
Shot putt: Samuel Naylor
Triple jump: Samuel Naylor
Vertical jump: Celena Appleby-Prince equalled her PB.

Thank yous

A big thank you as ever to all the athletes for taking part, their hardy parents for enduring the noise and helping count the speedbounces; with a special mention as ever to Naomi for being my speedbounce co-ordinator on the day. I look forward to seeing you all again (and anyone else who would like to give it a go!) on the 10th February for round 4 at Wantage.

Fiona (Sportshall Team Manager)