Sunday 17 November saw 29 Abingdon athletes taking part in round 2 of Sportshall at Kidlington.

As always, it was lovely to see Sportshall being well supported and enjoyed by the athletes.

Club records

We had some great performances including several club records being broken. Congratulations to Maddie Kingston (U11) with a new 3 lap record of 39.7 removing a longstanding record of R. Penfold's of 40.8. Congratulations too to Katie Rowles and Bethan Thompson (U13) in their new paarlauf record of 1.50.1, this removes Molly Clark's and Martha Stepney's record from 2012/13 of 1.51.1. Last but not least, congratulations to Oliver Thompson with a new 2 lap record of 22.5, he also removes a long standing record of B. Fisher's of 22.6.

Personal bests

With so many athletes we also have a clutch of PB's to be proud of. These are:

  • Speedbounce: Jason Okoli, Oliver Frost, Bethan Thompson, Abbie Barrett, Grace Armstrong, Jack Sands, James Marah, Alex Cookson, Ollie Fosdike, Thomas Egerton, Maddie Kingston, Lily Marah, Alexis Okoli, Myla Muir and Charlie DeBreeser who equalled his PB.
  • Standing long jump: Catalina Ray, Jack Sands, Alex Cookson, Daniel Egerton, Charlie DeBresser, Charlie McKechnie-Himpson, Elliot Frost, Lily Marah, Andrea Okoli and EJ Brown who equalled his PB.
  • Shot Putt (U13 and 15): EJ Brown, Oliver Frost and Abbie Barrett.
  • Javelin (U11 only): James Marah, Ollie Fosdike and Andrea Okoli.
  • 1 lap (U11 only: Jack Sands, Ollie Fosdike, Elliot Frost, Ewan Shayler, Maddie Kingston, Lou Walters and Alexis Okoli.
  • 3 lap (U11 only): Alex Cookson and Lou Walters.
  • 2 lap (U13 and 15): EJ Brown,Jason Okoli, Bethan Thompson and Katie Rowles.
  • 6 lap (U13 only): Oliver Frost, Katie Rowles and Catalina Ray.


A big thank you as always to all the athletes for taking part and to parents for enduring the heat and noise and helping with the speedbounce counting. An especially big thank you to Nina for being my speedbounce co-ordinator (otherwise I couldn't do what I do!) I hope to see you all (and more!) at the next sportshall on 12 January (yes, you get December off to prepare for all the Christmas festivities!!) at Windrush Leisure centre, Witan Way, Witney, OX28 4YA.

Fiona (sportshall team manager)