Sportshall round 2, 19 November in Kidlington.

Abingdon had 19 athletes competing (one more than last time so a slight improvement in numbers!) Our girls U11 team came 3rd overall behind Witney and Bicester (a testament to the numbers game which sportshall is, as they had 7 athletes competing, one short of a full team) ahead of Radley, White Horse, Oxford and Banbury, so a very well done to them.

New county record

A huge congratulations to Amy Frost (U11) setting a new county record for javelin with a whopping 18.13m, well done Amy.

U11 PBs

Amy also had a PB for the 3 lap event (as it was her first time doing the event). First time PB's for the U11's were also set by Bethan Thompson, EJ Brown, Oliver Frost, David Naylor and Connor Morgan for the 1 lap. Samantha Viner also set a PB for the 1 lap and Hana Frost equalled her PB for this event. First time PB's for the 3 lap were set by EJ Brown and Connor Morgan. Speedbounce PB's set by Grace Armstrong (a huge 11 bounce increase!), Myla Muir, Oliver Frost, David Naylor and Connor Morgan (another huge 10 bounce increase!) Abbie Barrett equalled her speedbounce PB. Standing long jump PB's set by Abbie Barrett, Samantha Viner and Hana Horby. Javelin PB's set by Amy Frost (obviously setting herself a very high standard!) Grace Armstrong, Oliver Frost and David Naylor.

U13 PBs

First time PB's for 2 lap for Freya Halsall, Ruby Herring, Oliver Mellor and Oliver Thompson. First time PB's for 6 lap for Samuel Naylor, Oliver Thompson, Amelia Muir and Ruby Herring. A big congratulations to Ruby who also set a new club record with her 6 lap with a time of 1.27.8 (sorry Mieke Bedlington that's your record of 1.31.9 gone!) Standing long jump PB's set by Freya Halsall, Amelia Muir, Oliver Thompson and Oliver Mellor. Speedbounce PB's set by Samuel Naylor, Oliver Mellor, Amelia Muir and Ruby Herring. Shot putt PB's for Freya Halsall and Samuel Naylor. The paarlauf duo of Oliver Mellor and Oliver Thompson also just set a new club record of 1.43.1 for the 8 lap paarlauf, knocking off a long standing record set by Luke Chown (sorry Luke!!) and M. Nathanielsz of 1.43.5

U15 PBs

First time PB's for 2 lap set by Daniel Naylor and for 4 lap by Benji Davys (who won 1st place for this event). Shot putt PB's by Benji Davys and Daniel Naylor. Standing triple jump PB set by Benji Davys (who was second in this event).

Thank you

A big thank you to all the athletes and their parents for turning up and enjoying the event, and taking their turn at speedbounce counting. Special thanks to Graham who turned up to ensure that we had all the speedbounce names written despite the fact that his son wasn't actually competing as he was sick! and then to Naomi who then took over the speedbounce co-ordinating to whizz through all the speedbouncers in double quick time!


Coming up

I hope to see you all again in the New Year at the Windrush Leisure Centre, Witan Way, Witney, OX28 4YA on the 14th January 2018.... We'd love to see some new faces come and join our little group so that we can compete effectively (we lose points just because we have empty spaces on the teams!)

Fiona (sportshall team manager).