Sunday 14 October saw the first round of the Sportshall season getting off to a great start with 21 Abingdon athletes competing.

The U11's came in joint 4th place with Oxford City above Radley and White Horse Harriers. The U13's came in 5th place above White Horse Harriers and Radley and the U15's (all two of them!!) came in 4th.

Personal best

  • PB's for one-lap for Olivia Ovenden, Myla Muir, Hebe Sanders, Bethan Thompson (so close to equalling a club record Bethan!), Ilyan Doddo-Siddo, Nico Abitabile and Spencer Morgan.
  • Two-lap PB's for Daniel Ghafoor, Samantha Viner, Oliver Frost and Connor Morgan.
  • Speedbounce PB's for Daniel Ghafoor, Samantha Viner, Amy Frost, Abbie Barrett, Olivia Ovenden, Grace Armstrong, Hebe Sanders, Bethan Thompson, Lily Marah, Ilyan Doddo-Siddo and Nico Abitabile.
  • Vertical jump PB's for Celena Appleby-Prince, Amelia Muir, Samantha Viner, Oliver Frost, Bethan Thompson, Lily Marah, Nico Abitabile and Spencer Morgan.
  • Triple jump PB's for Amy Frost, Abbie Barrett and Connor Morgan.
  • Shot putt PB's for Celena Appleby-Prince, Emily Betts, Amy Frost and Oliver Frost.
  • Chest push PB's for Grace Armstrong, Myla Muir, Jack Sands and Ilyan Doddo-Siddo.
  • Long jump PB's for Daniel Ghafoor, Olivia Ovenden and Imogen Ford.
  • PB's for three-lap for Imogen Ford, Hebe Sanders, Jack Sands and Spencer Morgan and a four-lap PB for Emily Betts and Connor Morgan.

Equal club-record

Big congratulations to Ruby Herring who equalled the club record for the two-lap race, with a time of 25.3, and despite hurting her knee in this race went on to get a club record for the four-lap race with a time of 56.4. Well done Ruby!


Huge thanks to Goldie Prince who co-ordinated the speedbounce event, and to the parents who counted them for me. Thank you also to the athletes for coming and competing and enjoying themselves and to their patient parents who had to endure the noise and heat and provide the transport! I hope to see you all again (and anyone else who would like to join in the fun!) on the 18th November at Kidlington Leisure centre, please look out for my next invite....

Fiona (Sportshall team manager)