Roll up! Roll up! Looking for an exciting and completely different running challenge?

Update: The main entries for our teams are now closed but you can still join the reserve list.

Then Caroline Hutchings has just the event for you. Endure 24 is, as the name suggests, a 24hr event that takes place on 9 - 10 June 2018 in Wasing Park, Reading.Flags at Endure24

Woodland fairies

Starting at 12noon on Saturday, runners take it in turns, as a relay, to complete a 8k lap of the beautiful Wasing Park. Complete with forests, midnight woodland fairies, trails, lakes, a music shack and one nasty hill climb! This relay continues for 24 hours. Some run solo, some in pairs, we, however will be aiming for teams of six to eight. As a competitive team, this may mean running every four to five hours, at your own pace, maybe every six to seven hours.

BBQs and kit changes

This event does have some keen competitors out for the prizes, but it has far more that are taking part in groups of fun 24 hour camping, running, BBQ and changing kit as many times as your running wardrobe can cope with! There are a lot of local clubs that take part on mass, including Eynsham, Didcot, and Hook Norton.

I have completed three years running, Julian has for four years, and various other club mates have been part of the teams, but we've only ever taken one team of maximum eight. So this year, I'm hoping to organise a multi-team event for AAC!

AAC teams

The AAC team at Endure24

I will be putting together different teams. We will have team(s) who wish to run hard, fast and compete for the number of laps they can do. And we will have team(s) who wish to run at their own pace, without pressure, for fun and less competitive.

Speak to any of the following current or past club members and they'll tell you how crazy and fun it is: Julian Moore, Becks Compton, Laura Wilson, Nina Steinke, Nic Hamilton, Jason Pearce, Judy Howard, Carrie Kembleton, Rich Kembleton, Caroline Scott-Langley, Tom Scott-Langley, Mike Salter, Liz Snook, Mike Seager.

How much?

Entry is £65 per person and payment will be required asap. This covers your camping, portaloos (always kept clean throughout the event), waste collection, portashowers, t-shirt and a huge bit of bling each!

We will keep a reserve list and should you find yourself unable to join us, we will be able to sell on your place to another club member. We have always managed to have a full team historically.

How to sign up

Entries for the AAC teams are now closed but you can join the reserve list (there are always drop-outs - some of us have glass legs), complete our online form and you will be informed if a place opens up.