Updated 20/03/20. Message from our Club Chair, Tim Foxall regarding the coronavirus (covid-19).

New government guidelines for strict social distancing

As appreciably tempting as it might be to make the most of what may very well be the cessation this weekend of the liberty of unrestricted freedom for the foreseeable future, the club would like to urge its members to not gather en masse to undertake, in the absence of formal events, parkrun freedom runs or other self-organised runs.

The Government has issued clear guidance on the need to minimise contact between large groups in order to try and reduce the stress placed on the NHS and it is for this very reason that we have suspended all club activities.

Be responsible

To this end, the club would encourage you to consider the adverse long term impact that attempting to carry on ‘as normal’ in the short term may have. We want the running community to be seen as being responsible in these extraordinary times and to be welcomed back to local parks once this period has passed. View this if you will as short term pain for long term gain.

No formal runs

The same very much applies to the club’s regular Tuesday night runs. The club will not be arranging any formal runs for the foreseeable and would dissuade members from trying to arrange large running groups via the club’s social media channels.

Representing the running community

We are in no way trying to dictate how you choose to respond to the current pandemic and fully appreciate the mental and physical wellbeing that comes from running, rather are simply encouraging you to represent the running community in the best way you are able and respect the already overburdened health service.

I for one hope this period passes as quickly as possible and that normality will soon return.

Until then, stay safe and healthy, and support those in need; the running community is an amazing one and it’s time for that community to support itself and others less fortunate or in need.

With thanks for your understanding and continuing cooperation.

Suspending club activities

The club has now suspended all Club activities until further notice. This includes therefore all regular coaching sessions.

Coaches will be in touch directly with their respective groups to arrange alternative training mechanisms during this difficult period, in the hope that some degree of continuity may be able to be maintained, recognising of course how difficult this is likely to be.

Best wishes to you all.

Tim Foxall
AAC Chair