Abingdon AC has started this series of virtual races for club members to register for during the lockdown.

AAC Virtual Race #1 Not the Marlow 5

This race took place on 10 May and was organised in association with Opentrack. View the world record and age-rated gradings

AAC Virtual Race #2 Not the Wallingford 10

This race took place on 17 May and was organised by the club.

Well done to everyone who took part. View the latest results.

The men’s top 3 were:

  • Peter Akrill
  • Tom Ball
  • Andy Muir

There were high age-graded scores for Steve Wade and Mark Lewy.

The women’s top 3 were:

  • Jen Swarbrick
  • Julia James
  • Becks Compton

Julia was also top on graded scores followed by Anabel Halfhead and Wendy Millat.

The next race

The next race is likely to be "Not the Chiltern Chase 10K" (7 June) and will involve trails, hills and social distancing.