Adult membership

How to join AAC as an adult member.

Membership is by calendar year except for cross-country only members who may join from October to the next September.

For under 17s please visit the young athlete membership page.

Membership form

Visit the Member Mojo website and follow the instructions for ‘new members and renewals’. Read the membership form notes on this page before you complete the new member form.

Once you have completed the form and selected your payment option, you will be sent an acknowledgment email containing the payment details. You will receive a further acknowledgement email when your payment has been processed, (up to seven days later). 

If you need help with the form or have any questions regarding your membership, contact our Membership Secretary, John Styles.

Parents of a young athlete

If you are the parent of young athlete, you might have used your own email address for that membership account. Membermojo uses email addresses as account IDs so you will need to do one of the following:

  • Use a different email address to create your own membership account.
  • Log into membermojo with your child’s account and create a new membership that shares your email.

Full instructions for both of these options are included on the membermojo homepage.

Payment methods

You can pay by bank transfer (BACS), by cheque, or cash. Instructions will be provided in your membership welcome email. 

Membership form notes

  1. If joining as a 2nd claim member please provide your EA number on the membership form.
  2. To use any track and field facilities and equipment at Tisley Park you must pay a separate track fee at reception or hold annual / six monthly membership.
  3. First claim members of another club, which does not compete in track and field, may join as us first claim members for track and field. Please contact John Styles for details of the necessary procedure that must be followed.
  4. Annual England Athletics (EA) subscription: Membership fees include the £14 to join EA. If you decide not to pay this subscription, you will not be able to compete in club and open competition organised under UKA rules, unless there is a mechanism for unattached runners who will pay an appropriate levy.
    To opt out of EA subscription:
    1. complete the form on the Member Mojo website
    2. reduce your club membership subscription by £14 (does not apply to second claim members)
    3. contact John Styles to state that you wish to opt out.

Privacy and data protection

Please note that it is a requirement of EA membership that some personal details are passed on to EA. 

Some of your personal details may be made available to officers of Abingdon AC for legitimate club purposes. We will also use this information to ensure that you are kept informed about club events. Your details will not be passed on to third parties without your prior permission.