Coaching is available for all age groups, all abilities and all disciplines of track and field.

Adult coaching

These sessions are usually attended by adult club members and are great for those training for endurance, cross country or track events.

Thornton and Andrew coach track sessions on a Thursday evening from 6.45pm at Tilsley Park. Thornton may have to be away for some of these but will arrange guest sessions. There are lighter sessions arranged before club championship races.

Note: there is a charge for using the track. Visit the Tilsley Park website for details.

Plans for Feb to May 2017

Date Session
2 Rest pyramid
9 8 x 400m
16 Simulated hills
23 6 x 2 minute reps
2 Hills and circuits
9 8-6-4-2 minutes
16 300m exercise
23 5 x 4 minute reps
30 1500m time trial
6 10 x 400m
13 6 x 800m
20 Whistle fartlek
27 Mota-vation
4 8 x 600m
11 300m and 500m
18 3 x 1 mile
25 1-2-3-4 pyramid

Sprinting and endurance

There are a variety of other coaching sessions available for both young athletes and adult members.

The sprints squad and endurance group train on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Visit the young athlete coaching page for specific coaching information for U17s.