Who does what at Abingdon Athletics Club

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How to contact a club committee member or official

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Nic Hamilton Chair
Steve Smith Treasurer
Lisa Astbury Secretary
Pete Stepney Vice Chair
John Styles Membership Secretary
Jo Worth Social Secretary
Emma Moore Press and Publicity Officer
Marc Juffkins Member and Oxfordshire Cross-Country and Vets (Masters) League: Mens Team Manager
Julian Moore Member
Cliff Penton Member
Judy Howard Member
Becks Compton Member and website admin
Noel Blatchford Member and County Committee Representative and Officials Coordinator
Beth Kirk Member
Andrew Garner Member and County Committee Member
Erica Woosey-Griffin Kit Officer
Mark Lewy Member and Club Championships

Non-committee responsibilities

Athena Chown Midland League Team Management
Gary Richards Cross Country Team Manager
John Harvey Road Rankings Coordinator
Athena Chown Midland League Officials Management
Jon Bones Welfare Officer
Luke Chown Coaching Coordinator
Philippa Terry Vets (Masters) League: Womens Team Manager
Roy Lewis Argentan Coordinator
Emmanuelle Convers-Reignier Young Athlete Membership Secretary
Fiona Barrett Team Manager SportsHall League
Trish Wilson Club rankings and records compiler

Club coaches

Luke Chown Coaching Assistant - Sprint Group and Coaching Coordinator
Andrew Garner Endurance Coach Level 3
Bernard Wilkins Endurance Coach Level 3
Liz Purbrick Endurance Coach Level 3
Thornton Greenland Endurance Coach
Colin Mitchell Hurdles/Jumps/Throws - level 2 and Sprint Performance - level 3
Nikki Gregory Jumps Coach Level 2
Ron Jones Throws Coach
Steve Pomeroy Throws Coach
Sarah Dawson Coaching Assistant
Pete Stepney Coaching Assistant
John Lenik Coaching Assistant
Lewis Purbrick Coaching Assistant
Serge Convers-Reignier Coaching Assistant- FUNdamentals Group
Martin Barrett Coaching Assistant- FUNdamentals Group
Tim Hampson Children in Athletics- FUNdamentals Group
Jason Bruce Coaching Assistant - Transition Group
Adrian Shepard Coaching Assistant - Transition Group
Dave Bedlington Coaching Assistant - Transition Group
Matt Hill Coaching Assistant - Transition Group
Gina Lodowski Coaching Assistant - Endurance Group
Jon Bones Coaching Assistant - Endurance Group
Athena Chown Coaching Assistant - Sprint Group
Charlotte Salt Coaching Assistant - Sprint Group
Fatima Jammeh Kinteh Coaching Assistant - Throws
Marc Juffkins Coaching Assistant - Throws/Jumps
Judy Howard Leader in Running Fitness - L1
Maria Hamilton Leader in Running Fitness - L1
John Styles Leader in Running Fitness - L1
Caroline Hutchings Leader in Running Fitness - L1
Becks Compton Leader in Running Fitness - L1

Field officials

David Roberts Level 2b
Duncan Talbot Level 2b
John Harvey Level 2b
John Lenik Level 2b
Judy Howard Level 2b
Noel Blatchford Level 2b
Steve Fabes Level 2b

Track officials

Andrew Garner Level 2b and Race Walk Judge Level 3
Diane Mitchell Level 2b
Duncan Talbot Level 2b
Suzanne Beardsmore Race Walk Judge Level 3


Andrew Garner Level 2b
Cliff Penton  


Colin Mitchell Level 2b Starter and Marksman